Whats SEO All About

Okay so you have your website up, a kick ass domain name, some awesome pictures and graphics, some really good content. You’ve done it. You’ve entered the world wide web of internet marketing. Now what? Sit back and watch the moola roll in, right? But what’s that? Now that your mother and sister-in-law have made their obligatory trip to your site, no one else is stopping by? Oh, you thought that was all there was to it didn’t you? NOT! You look for your website in the search engine results and click through page after page of SERPS (search engine results pages) until you find your website listed on page 246 of the results. It is just behind the other 200,000 businesses in your niche that beat you to the punch and put up a website with a kick ass domain name, awesome pictures and some really good content. With the millions of websites that go up every day, how in the world does anyone expect to compete? That’s what all this SEO stuff is about: fixing your website to rank higher in the search engines!SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and high-ranking websites owners pay SEO experts to help them climb the search engine ladders. SEO is a complicated business that requires keeping up with the changing whims of Google’s algorithms and a certain amount of been there and done that in order to be successful. Getting web site optimisation is a key to your website’s success. Without it, your web page will continue to languish behind in Google, Yahoo and Bing’s no mans land, where only those website owners who don’t have SEO search engine optimisation dare to tread, trying to find their websites. That’s why the SEO services of a search engine optimisation company like Illision Media is required. Besides fixing the website so that search engines can find it, SEO optimisation services has also come to include the time consuming online promotion that brings traffic to the site. This strategy includes visiting forums, guest blogging and taking advantage of social media to expand the page’s presence and brand online by "backlinking" to the right sites. Since Google changed its rules, the key word here is the "right" sites. Backlinks are the links to your website left on another site for others to follow in your comments or in the article written as a guest blogger. These links from other sites to your site are looked upon by the search engines as a way of determining the authority or popularity of your site. However, when Google changed its rules, backlinks that had previously stood websites in good stead were suddenly deemed not "quality" and Google rankings plunged because of the association of websites to certain sites now considered "linking farms," sites set up for the purpose of exchanging backlinks. Now, not only has it become necessary to know how to backlink, but also where to backlink, which makes using a SEO Companyfirm like Illision Media all the more important. Another change is the penalizing of websites whose content was below par. This change has already lessened the importance of links left in article marketing sites that have been a depository of low quality articles. Now, not only is it more important than ever to have quality content on your website to improve your rankings in search engines, it also important to have fresh ever changing content in order to keep your audience coming back for more and for Google to give you the a good ranking.Websites that remain static will remain just that—static. That’s why using an SEO agency to provide both your website and your article promotion with high quality fresh content is a must! After you take care of the SEO marketing of promoting and getting your link building to some several hundred websites, getting quality copy changes on a regular basis to your website and your promotion articles by an expert SEO, and getting the search engine optimisation just right, that’s when it begins to pay off. That’s when you can sit back and rake in the moola!