Need a Powerful Smart Phone, why not HTC Explorer

Everyone is swayed by glitzy smart phones surfacing in contemporary mobile phone market, but HTC Explorer is a phone that is smart as well as easy to use at very affordable price. The SIM free version of the phone is available in the market just for £130.Not looking at the on going war among dual core, quad core and certainly coming soon octo-core chips processor, the HTC Explorer halts on a diminutive 600 MHz chip processor. Obviously it won’t power your electric kettle. It’s weaker than budget smart phones such as Orange San Francisco 2. However, as we ran through the pages of menus that are smooth and glossy like that of a top smart phone, it proved the well known saying that the device is not what you have packed, but the way you use that. As for the display of the phone, it has reasonably big 3.2 inch screen that occupies 4 to 5 inch bullies like that of big beast Samsung Galaxy Note. However, the resolution on the screen of HTC Explore is noticeably low in comparison to rival phones. But it could have been quite better if it had a few more pixels that would make viewing clearer while reading on web pages. Nevertheless it is not bad for the occasional You Tube clip or browsing over internet.For making the phone affordable and cheaper to a large number of mobile phone consumers, HTC has shown penny-pinching by cutting some features on the phone. Hence it does not brag about flash or pretty numbers MP snapper. It just comes with a camera with no great deals. However, HTC has adorned it with a beautiful rubber made back casing that presents it not only attractive but provides firm grip to hold. Even the sweatiest palms won’t fell awkward while holding the phone. Telling more about the phone, the handset does not claim to run on latest Google’s operating system, it comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS which is being seen more on mobile phones than any other operating system. It seems that HTC has shown philanthropy by equipping the device with Gingerbread OS and easy to poke keyboard which helps the users enjoy favorite applications quicker than ever. All in all, the device is not bad for 300 pounds to fill your palm with latest technology. Other HTC Sensation XE Contract and htc sensation xl new powerful cell phone.